You as an individual can utilize the RUT deduction when you engage the household services of Maid for Västra Hamnen. RUT-deduction is a tax which means you can deduct up to SEK 50 000 per year for domestic services. The reduction relates only to labor costs.

With RUT, the average cost for Maid for Västra Hamnen's legal labor is only 30:- more per maid hour than what an average moonlighter charges.

The purpose of imposing a tax reduction for household services include: creating new jobs in the domestic sector. By making services cheaper for the customer, moonlighting can be converted to white labor, which gives more real jobs. Another important aim is to both women and men to combine family and work under the same conditions. Women today, do the majority of their family's household chores. A tax credit gives families more opportunities to buy services that make life easier and thus allowing women in particular to increase their time in the labor market. Since 2009, there are now tax reductions for household (RUT). This reduction is granted only for labor and to apply this, you should occupy the dwelling where the work is performed, or that the property / holiday home is owned by you.
The total tax reduction is granted at half the cost of labor, but not exceeding up to 50 000 kroners per person per year. Tax reduction takes place directly on the invoice, so it is important that you provide your personal number to our office personnel.
More information and rules on tax reduction for household work is given on the Tax Agency's Website:



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