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A warm welcome! 
We are a trustworthy neighbourhood-focus business with unique skills to cater to your home cleaning requirements. 
With more than 34 years' experience in the home services industry, we can confidently say that we know what we are doing.
Home cleaning services are no longer a luxury; they are essential. Maid for Västra Hamnen's "helping hands" will leave you with a clean home, more time to spend with your loved ones and peace of mind.
We operate a reliable and dependable service that you can trust. Through our thorough staff screening process and with updated documentation, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Maid for Västra Hamnen also provides on-going training & support. Our staff will always be equipped with the know-how to make your home spotless.
Maid for Västra Hamnen has a unique Secure Home Certifiedprogram promising:
  • Daily Identification Controls
  • Complete Company Uniforms
  • Professional Field Supervision
  • Thorough Training and Safety Protocol
  • Liability Coverage through Allians Insurance Group
  • Collective Agreements through ALMEGA with Kommunal
  • Security Screening Linked to Police Services
That way we can ensure that YOUR home is where OUR heart is when it comes to safety.
Situated in the heart of Västra Hamnen, we employ courteous, thoughtful and friendly people. We choose our staff with a strong focus on their personality and integrity.
Field Supervisors and key personnel are all hand-picked with great care. They lead the work and are service oriented, responsive and are eager to improve.  Try us now.





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