General contract conditions for performing household services


1. Generally
The client referred to in this Agreement that ordered the
service or the person for whom service is rendered. Supplier means the person
performing the service. The contractual conditions applicable to both parts
agreed services. The extent and other terms for these services by separate
agreement between the parts.

2. The assignment mm

The Contractor shall perform work in a professional manner. The Contractor
shall also with all due care to be the interests of the client and consult with
the client to the extent necessary and possible. Purchaser shall provide
equipment for performing the services as irons, vacuum cleaners and
accessories and more. The client shall ensure that materials such as mops
and micro cloths to be used by the supplier at the time of service laundered
between construction sessions.

3. Access-market preparation

Client shall provide appropriate access and ensuring that the workplace
is in a condition so that work can be performed.

4. Non-Compete Agreement

Client agrees to not directly or indirectly compete with the business of Maid for Västra Hamnen

 by soliciting or converting employees of Maid for Västra Hamnen separate from and without

benefit of Maid for Västra Hamnen. All personnel of Maid for Västra Hamnen are contractual employees.

5. Payment terms

Supplier shall invoice per service afterwards for work performed. The payment is
being made to the supplier's postal or bank account. Payment must be made
10 days after the invoice date. Additional services are being billed regularly
by the supplier and the payment has to be provided within 10 days of invoice

It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the tax credit is not
exceeded. Should the customer exceeded their limit then the customer is liable
for the costs caused the supplier.

For late payments, default interest under the law.


Price Adjustment

The change of the supplier's costs for staff salaries and benefits by law or
collective agreements, general insurance, state and / or municipal dues
and taxes, gives the supplier the right to adjust the agreed price for the
ongoing construction. Such amendments shall be notified two months in

7. The work is led and controlled by the provider's supervisor. The
supervisor reports to the client's contact person.

8. Contact person
The Customer shall designate contact person to whom the provider's
cleaning staff can address questions and reporting.

9. Keys and passes
The customer must provide the supplier the required number of keys,
passes, or equivalent, referred to as keys, for cleaning staff, cleaning wire
and material distribution. The supplier provides the keys with registered
number tiles. Provision of keys shall be made to a provider of authorized
person has to acknowledge the release of keys.

10. Premises
Purchaser shall provide the supplier expansion space for cleaning
materials with supply of hot and cold water and the possibility to
discharge and, where relevant, of ventilated space for battery powered
tools / machines.

11. Responsibilities
Client is in accordance with the Consumer Services Act specified
conditions be entitled to compensation from the supplier for damage
caused by him through error or delay. The supplier shall also, subject to
the conditions specified in Consumer Services Act, any damage on the
originator's estate, which occurred when the property was under the
control of the supplier. Supplier's liability does not cover business losses.
Injuries are not governed by these terms. Purchaser shall, as far as
possible take measures to limit its extent. Is the the purchaser neglecting
this then he may bear a corresponding amount of the loss.

12. Claims
Any claim must be notified within a reasonable time in writing to the
contractor no later than two months after the injury found. If the claim is
notified later then the purchaser loses his right to invoke the error.

13. Insurance
Provider shall maintain during the contract term insurance as security for
the performance of any liability under these general conditions.

14. Force Majure
Work stoppage, boycott or other event beyond the contractor's control
such as war, riots, fire, explosion hazard or interference by public
authority, which means that the provider not, or only at abnormally high
costs, to meet its obligations under this contract relieves the supplier for
the duration of the relationship is from fulfillment of these obligations.
The reservation in respect of strikes, lockouts and blockade also applies if
the contractor itself undertakes or is subject to such actions.

15. Changes and Additions
Changes or additions to the standard conditions or changes in or
additions to what has otherwise been agreed between the parts shall be
confirmed in writing by the supplier and the customer order to be valid.

16. Rescission
If delay of p15 above are essential for the consumer, he may cancel the
contract. Has more than an insignificant part of the service is performed,
the consumer may, however, cancel the contract only for the part that
remains. The consumer may be rescinded if the counterpart becomes
bankrupt or otherwise be deemed to be such insolvent that he can not
be expected to carry out his duties and adequate security for the proper
performance of the parts contractual obligations is not promptly made
after a request. If payment is not received in time, the Contractor shall
be entitled to cease work and terminate the contract in accordance with
the Consumer Services Act.

17. Disputes
Disputes concerning the application of this Agreement shall be settled by
court. The client can receive advice of their citys consumer adviser and
even have some disputes tried by the Board for Consumer Complaints.




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